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BF1942 $1000 tournament, Not a Lan ,but money is involved :p

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 PostPosted: Wed Jan 11, 2006 9:03 pm    Post subject: BF1942 $1000 tournament, Not a Lan ,but money is involved :p Reply with quote

Registration for the mini and main tournaments is now open! Click the respective competition links on the main page to get sent to the forums. Team captains, get your teams together, posted and post the PB GUIDS of your players. Start date to be announced shortly, it will be within the month.

Hello and welcome to the Official $1000 Battlefield:1942 Re-Install Tournament website.
For those of you not familiar with the context of what what this is all about, I'll give you a brief description of the tournament and what it entails:

-$1,000+ Grand Prize
-10v10 Format
-Double Elimination Tournament
-BFPro .81 to be used
-$100+ to each winning player
-BFRadioto provide full shoutcasting
-Full Ampednews Coverage
-Scheduled Mid-February Start Date

We have many teams interested and we're pleased to have support from both The Cyberathlete Amateur League and the Teamwarfare league, amongst others. Sponsors are coming aboard in droves and we have a lot of volunteers helping out to get things organized. Please make sure to check our forums on a regular basis, seeing that the tournament will have a lot of changes in the months to come. In the meantime, as we're still getting things organized, we're planning on hosting 2 other mini-tournaments to get people back into the swing of BF42 or to new players picking up the game for the first time.

The Tournament teams will be paying an entry fee to get into competition and the more we get, the more the prize money goes up. As of this date (07Dec2005) we'll be running with this format:

1st Prize: $1000USD Payout+prizes tba
2nd Prize: $400USD Payout+prizes tba
3rd Prize: $200USD Payout+prizes tba
4th Prize: $100 Payout+prizes tba

Like we mentioned, the more teams sign up, the higher the prize money gets. We don't plan on making any money off of this, it's all for the benefit of the BF community.

Prize List

2v2 Air, 2v2 Tank and 5v5 Infantry Tournaments: -All 3 Tournament champs win a sponsored server for the main tourney.
Main 10v10 Tournament Champs: -$1,000 payout to the team -Full clan sponsorship. -So vent, Webspace, FTP and Sponsored server
10v10 Finals MVP: -Plextor DVD burner (Sata) -$100 gift certificate from
Finals Runner Up: -$400 Payout
Third Place: -$200 Payout
4th Place: -$100 Payout

Team Captains:
Get yourselves signed up by sending a confirmation e-mail to
More info to come, so stay tuned. 
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