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February 24 Lan Party hosted by FragNUTS (Midwest)

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 PostPosted: Sun Feb 18, 2007 8:08 pm    Post subject: February 24 Lan Party hosted by FragNUTS (Midwest) Reply with quote

 Hey Fragsters,

"Fragnuts" (close, but not the same) is a LAN gaming group in southeast Michigan. We play UT2k4 mostly. We have about 4 on-site LAN parties a year and frequently have on-line matches inbetween. I'm one of the longer-term members, run the website, etc.

I stumbled across the Fragster group due to the similarity with our name, and Dr. Death and I have exchanged a few emails in recent months while he helped me with some website debugging (thanks!). DrD suggested we should have a Fragster-Fragnuts grudge match sometime.

Well, it's not exactly a grudgematch, but our next LAN party is next saturday, 2/24. Folks usually start trickling in around 2pm EST (11am Pacific) and we play about 10-12 hrs. We'll probably have about 10-15 people on site, but the server will be accessible from the Internet, so why not join us? Note if too many of you go for it (more than 6 or so) you might saturate my upload bandwidth (384 kbps) and end up with horrible pings, but hey, that's your problem! Fight it out!

The server name is "Pork's XEON". If you can't find it in the UT Server Browser, just open the UT console (~ key) and type "open". The server is password protected, so if you plan on joining us, email me at for the password. That way I know who to expect too.

When joining, I'd suggest you put [FS] or something in your player name so we know you came from Fragster and we can say "hey!"

Oh yeah, we use a lot of custom maps, but we've also got a slick map download redirect server setup so if you don't have a map it should automatically download to you in less than a minute from our website. Just make sure your client patchlevel is 413 or higher since earlier versions didn't support redirection and you'd be out of luck on our server.

Hope to see you there...

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