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Out of control: Next Fragster LAN Party!

Fragster LAN Party Announcements

It' LAN PARTY TIME! - April 22, 2006 Spring Break is right around the corner and some of us get a week off! Lets say we do some egg huntin BF2 style, "Egg Shot" right in the yoke. And you betcha "BF2" is the main event with other games to be announced

Join us - Make new friends, then frag em =)

Like always - starts at noon Saturday, and goes till we can't mouse anymore (O-Daylight hours next day). Cost is $12 bucks that covers all the soda, munchies, coffee, donuts, pizza and more pizza!

To sign up; simply email us with some kinda phrase like, "Dude, PUT ME ON THE LIST!!!" or "I Wanna Play!!" Let us know yer Name & Handle to include that your CONFIRMED and COMMITTED in coming (Don't be flaking out the day before soldier, your squad is counting on you or I'll come find you online and SPANK YOU! =P

The next Fragster game: Frag an Egg LAN Party, "April 22, 2006"
1. Terry .Dien_Time .Spring Break Baby .Yup
2. Vince .Šr. Ščįth .Confirmed - Yoke Shot!?! Who thinks up these tag lines? :L .Yup
3. Marc .mdog73 .Let's do it. .
4. Lucky .WETSPOT .I'm there so save a WETSPOT for me .
5. Rahmin .Voodoo .I'm in!! .
6. Jon .Spud (Rocket) .I need to play!!!! I HAVE TO pLAY!!!!!!!
I got dibs on commander =-)
7. Greg .Fangel .Add one Fangel to the list :) .
8. Clayton .Tyson .The Yoke's on you I'll be there! .
9. Dan .Dyluck .I?m gonna get a wrench kill. .
10. Ron .Ronworf .This is Ron, from REDCOM, wanting to sign up for the LAN party. .
11. John .Johnnyboy11 .All the Mec forces and all Insurgents won't be able to put humpty dumpty back together again. Let Me In! .
12. Sean .Pumaman .I'm in like Flynn .
13. Greg .Overload .Draggin' his body off the gurney, and to the LAN! MEDIC!!! .
14. Keith .Rainbow Six .Count me in! .
15. Greg .Aqua1ung .Sounds like a lot of fun. Reporting for duty, SIR!!! .
16. . . .
17. . . .
18. . . .
The gaming room is full and gaming outside is no fun. Sorry...

NameHandleCries of agony?
The waiting list
1. . .
2. . .
3. . .
4. . .
5. . .
6. . .

Note: >>> SIGN UP and to SEE WHO'S COMMING >>>

Posted on by vhurst
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Fragster LAN Party Announcements


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