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This Site: Fragster Rolls Out a Fresh New Web Site

General News

Well, here it is. After countless hours of building, editing, debugging, and database hacking, I think I've got something to work with. Granted, there are still some incomplete areas, such as the photo gallery, but that'll get here soon enough.

We now have a cool event calendar for you to refer to for upcomming events. There's also a shout box, so you can tell us what's on your mind. I like the new forums summary on the main page. You can see what's current in the forums at a glance.

Anyway, dig in and have fun. If you find bugs you think I should be made aware of, please let me know! There are some I'm aware of. We'll see if you can find them...

Šr. Ščįth

Posted on by vhurst
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