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Community: Domain For Sale?

General News

Hey Fragsters!

The good folk at have inquired again about purchasing our domain name. This time, instead of just offering some beer ...MMmmm, beer :) they asked for a real figure. I suppose if their really interested, and it's worth our while, we might be willing to sell it, and use a different domain. Parhaps!

I'll bet we could throw a nice LAN party with the profits! So, I went ahead and offered it to them for 4Oz of gold. They countered with a $1000 offer. Eh, not worth my while. I think we have a greater attachment to our domain than that.

I responded with a $5000 bottom line. If they, or anyone for that matter wants enough to buy it, well, there's the price. Serious inqueries for purchase can be addressed to:

-Fragster Staff

Posted on by vhurst
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